I am Zeke Ares stop motion Enthusiast

I have been animating now for about 9 years :) I graduated from Staffordshire university with first class honors in stop motion animation & puppet making, during my time at university i was involved with some amazing projects such as Doughtown. I also got to meet one of my hero's MR. Barry Purves and directed a trailer based version of H.G wells War of the Worlds, which has always been one of my massive dreams to create a full stop motion film of.

When i was young i wanted to be Vincent price from the remake of House on haunted hill, i just love scaring people its probably why i love Halloween so much, there is just something magical about creating monsters and madness. This is where the idea to create my own company called Black box building came from, a company where we could create themes, films and animation to scare people.
It is still my dream today and now its getting closer with each production i do but i am very happy just creating away on anything i can get my hands on really, i hope to one day move me and my family to Canada to work for Cuppa coffee studios as i have been a fan of there work since a was a child.

I am available to come on board any projects at the moment, my skills are animating, sculpting, puppet fabrication and my obsession set building but i also i direct stop motion music video's from concept to post production, its one of my hobbies.
If you need skilled hands or just an idea then please get in touch i am always happy to to discuses things.

 "this is my beautiful show and everything was shot in stop motion"
Z.A 2012