Friday, 27 April 2012


After what seems like forever the construction part of production is finished and we can now start animating.
its been a very busy first half of the year but its finally all coming together. I am proud to say everyone is very happy with the sets and tripod puppets, i feel i have succeeded so far with my version of war of the worlds something i have dreamed about doing for years and now my obsession is coming to a conclusion. here is a few production pics i have chosen to upload but i have been very selective about which ones i upload, i still want to keep a few things secret so there is a surprise in the finished film.
Also i am very happy to announce i have added a CO-DIRECTOR to the project the very talented (Mr denial James) who will still be animating but now with more intensity and adding a few things here and there as he also has an obsession with war of the worlds.
Today Friday the 27th of April together we are creating a live animatic along with a few video blogs and Monday first thing we will be having a team meeting to split up the shots and create a pipeline for the 2D and CGI animators. watch this blog :)


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