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Sunday, 27 May 2012


SURGE is now in its final stages of post production with Chris Benn, Craig booth and Nicholas Bourne working none stop on the effects me and Daniel James want on the finished scenes. we have had a fun time messing with the 2D animation and also adding a few bits here and there in Pixelation animation, were we had me and Dan in full length coats and hoods in the green screen room acting out the scenes and using a SLR camera to capture the footage. 
Everything being done at the moment is very new to me, all the programs being used and even the pixelation animation.
we are finally in the last stages and seeing it all coming together, everything we have worked so hard for is almost complete, but even after the production there is still a lot to do as we have decided as a group all the 2D animation will be replace with pixelation animation, the web site needs to be built before we go on tour and a few tweaks here and there but we have the rest of the year to complete this as the SURGE tour doesn't start until January 2013 were we will be entering it into every animation and film festival we can.
Another thing that is happening over the next few months are the presentation boxes, which contain the DVD with extras including making of and stills, a small production booklet, stickers and a covering letter. These will be sent out to production company's around the world and also sold on the web page.

This will be the last post before the film is finished on Tuesday the 29th and uploaded onto vimeo so look out for the next blog around Wednesday the 30th.

Tuesday, 15 May 2012


today i receved an email back from the company who represent H.G Wells estate... here is the email

Dear Zeke,
Thanks for your email. Unfortunately you can’t use the title or content of “War of the Worlds” as the film rights are unavailable for the rest of copyright (which expires end of 2016).
Best wishes,

so due to legal stuff i am NOT allowed to called the film (the war of the worlds) so i have had to change it to


more symbol variations

Monday, 14 May 2012

War of the worlds SURGE symbols (logo)

here are a few variations of the logo for SURGE :) just getting team feedback at the moment before one is selected. Any comments are welcome and will be taken into consideration...

Saturday, 12 May 2012


here is a dark pic of the giant tripod, i kept it dark because i still don't want to give too much away :)

"no-one would have believed"

Production stills

A very proud moment for me :) everything in my animation world has been building towards this
 Just some still of me on set  just before the destruction church scene.


I have emailed the great artist E.S.POSTHUMUS for rights to use there track "unstoppable" in the finished film War of the worlds SURGE. If you have not heard of them i suggest you click the link and start listening to there epic tracks, but you will prob find you have heard them with out knowing about it as there music has been used in such films and trailers as minority report, the lord of the rings the two towers, the matrix reloaded, pirates of the Caribbean, Sherlock Holmes; a game of shadows and loads more...



I have discovered a few things about myself over this project, but yesterday i discovered that i am a very crazy and ambitious animator and director. me and co-director shot are last scene together yesterday (the chruch destruction scene) and i wanted to really blow it up as much as possible. i figured that we only have one shot to do this so why not do it Independence day style "no not using actual explosives" but how about three cameras with three angles all at the same time! and then add in over 20 rigs.

Here are the rigs, different lengths of wire with chunks of wood at the ends.

one crazy set up! wired things is were animating tripods for war of the worlds and were using 3 cameras, 3 lights, 3 computers running 3 separate stop motion programs.

here you can see all the monitors!  its very hard working in the dark with that many wires on the floor and lamps and camera rigs, very hard not to knock anything .

 It was a very challenging day for me and Dan but we managed together to pull off such a difficult scene, it was very time consuming and tiring but so worth it. The project goes into post-production as of monday so even more exiting times ahead and now with just over two weeks until completion and hand in things have only just started to get challenging. I am really looking forward to the weeks ahead and seeing what amazing VFX are added to the stop motion scenes, my time on war of the worlds production has nearly come to an end but there will be so much more to look forward to like festivals, screenings and media.

Great times ahead :)