Sunday, 5 February 2012

Woking surrey 1800's,  1895 to be very precise. the year war of the worlds was wrote and based. i want to keep this history alive and really stick to this Erie in time. the whole point of war of the worlds was the human race did not stand a chance against the martian invaders, huge tripods with heat rays vs cannons. it was no war but an extermination upon mankind which it refers to in the book. my only problem with the original story is these martian invaders have the ability to cross the universe and build massive fighting machines but they have no clue about bacteria? seems to be a bit of a drop in the story (to easy way out) for me to comprehend. So with this all in mind i have decided to carry on the story as if the martians did not die out... what did they do with the planet? in my mind at this point of design in the animation is see an endless sea of red weed with humans trapped inside (maybe for harvesting) all over looked by not tripods but the martians them self's.


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