Sunday, 27 May 2012


SURGE is now in its final stages of post production with Chris Benn, Craig booth and Nicholas Bourne working none stop on the effects me and Daniel James want on the finished scenes. we have had a fun time messing with the 2D animation and also adding a few bits here and there in Pixelation animation, were we had me and Dan in full length coats and hoods in the green screen room acting out the scenes and using a SLR camera to capture the footage. 
Everything being done at the moment is very new to me, all the programs being used and even the pixelation animation.
we are finally in the last stages and seeing it all coming together, everything we have worked so hard for is almost complete, but even after the production there is still a lot to do as we have decided as a group all the 2D animation will be replace with pixelation animation, the web site needs to be built before we go on tour and a few tweaks here and there but we have the rest of the year to complete this as the SURGE tour doesn't start until January 2013 were we will be entering it into every animation and film festival we can.
Another thing that is happening over the next few months are the presentation boxes, which contain the DVD with extras including making of and stills, a small production booklet, stickers and a covering letter. These will be sent out to production company's around the world and also sold on the web page.

This will be the last post before the film is finished on Tuesday the 29th and uploaded onto vimeo so look out for the next blog around Wednesday the 30th.


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