Monday, 12 March 2012

production update 3

well the church set is now looking great :) its been a hard week though, it just seems that im doing lots but nothing was happening... but hard work pays off here are some photos from production.

constructing the roof tiles using balsa  wood and scoring the lines with the back of a knife

here are the scored strips

using hot glue to build them up in strips but making sure the lines do not line up

on fully glue roof

sculpted plasticine walls

it took most of the day to sculpt all the walls of the church

Naomi created the large sections of the roof for me in the same style while i sculpted the day away :)

sculpting finished

stone work

painted with acrylic

all sections painted and drying overnight

starting to come together with the open arch

the first latex tripod leg from the mold, im really happy how it came out, frustrating waiting for the other two though

the church in bits just waiting to come together

these are the tie downs for the small CORE-PODS knx welded onto a nut

dry brushed bricks and added balsa wood for the top half

the back section were the cylinder will be placed

coming together

tie downs

added milliput  at the bottom (this is to stop the glue from seeping out)

proxy glue

and added milliput

the steeple maquette made for me by James Davenhill

main roof painting

Joel Townsend doing some tree painting for me

I even got Daniel James helping, hes trimming my tripod leg for me :)

building the CORE-POD prototype for Dan to animate

creating the steeple with balsa wood

looking nice

the CORE-POD prototype

the small white section lifts out so we can place magnets underneath for the puppets

finished arch

really coming along now only a few more days of production and it will be complete.


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