Monday, 27 February 2012

The church set construction 2

been an amazing week this week, everything has started clicking into place. Its been hard doing so many little things at once but finally we can now start to see some results.

This week Naomi Bennett was able to join me and Joel on set building, and did an amazing job on building armitures for the trees,. we discussed different ways of creating them and i decided on wire and tin foil would work best for the result i wanted. so i asked her to just give it a try and see what you come up with. I wanted to see if Naomi could figure out a better armature than the one i had designed. this is just because i love trail and error when creating, "if things don't go wrong from time to time we dont learn" plus who knows what you can create if you don't try yourself. After a few try's i showed Naomi the way i had designed and she sat down for a few hours and create some great armitures.  

Naomi's fully covered tree (super sculpy on top of wire and tin foil) i then sculpted into the tree and heated and cooked it.

one cooked and sculpted tree :)   
one finished tree (amazing)

i did this just to give an insight to the direction the set is going
constructing the church (maquette to finished set)

foamboard with plastercine add ontop (for sculpting the stone work)

front of the church
Naomi still building trees :) and Joel painting the path  
 I decided that with Joel's amazing talent of detail painting (warhammer) that i asked him if he wanted to build the gravestones for the set, we went over the process that i wanted him to do and he was very happy to go ahead pics below...

foamboard cut outs paint with sugar paint, dry brushed then added toughs of grass. (beautiful)

MR. Joel hard at work

finished gravestones "thank you very much Joel great work)

a very special gravestone Joel did for my son (plants vs zombies) "he loves it, thank you)

this week we have had a problem with the path, me! i couldnt decide how i wanted it so we, me and joel re-painted it  and are still trying to get the vision in my head right.
here is the armiture for one tripod leg, all ready for the latex.
armiture legs for the CORE-PODS

the church construction

the back, this is were the cylinder has crashed into

here you can the the troubles we have had with the path

looking good, although that tree isnt going there :)

so a great week and hopefully followed by another very busy but productive week. this week ahead is the last week on the church set and will all be complete by the 2nd of march and we can move onto the village and martian wasteland.


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