Wednesday, 18 July 2012


Brand new production

On the 17th of July we was given the go ahead on a new stop motion children's production KERNOWLAND.

Jack Trelawny author of the children's book series Kernowland , came for a meeting yesterday to discuss  creating  a stop motion animation adaption of his amazing children's world. we discussed in length the methods we wanted to approach, as "Kernowland" is a series of books six to be exact. so we had to figure out a plan of action on how to go about the creation, after a few ideas we decided on breaking the book into small sections so each book has become a number of small animated shorts.

Jack visits schools up and down the country reading his inspiring story's to young children who hang on every word and always ask "so when is the film coming out?"
he has visited over 900 schools and 1000's of children who are all inspired by his tales of Kernowland.

After a few plans were made we decided on a final idea for the go ahead on the production of bringing Kernowland to life in animation, the first installment will be the first 8 chapters of the first book "the crystal pool",

Depicting the main characters (brother and sister) Tizzie & Louis stumbling onto the discovery of Kernowland and its bizarre and magical inhabitants while on holiday in cornwall.

while the production will be quiet large the time frame will be quite short so we are looking for some great people to help we currently looking for a  storyboard artist, animator, editor, voice over artists (to play the main characters) and a few other artistic people to help with various stages of production, so if you are interested please contact me

                                                            All of jacks information can be found on his website or blog

 I am very excited about this project, its a very magical story and my son is a big fan of jack and his books and i know he is going to be helping on every stage.
il keep every inch of production posted at every stage of our journey into Kernowland.


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