Wednesday, 26 September 2012


well its been a very busy few weeks since i last blogged about this but here are the character designs for the main characters for  ERTHWURLD  -The crystal pool.

MR.Sand the kings chief map maker

the finished sculpt (without his monocle)

lots and lots of maps

the finished puppets will have real movable hair and eyes, tizzies wet suit will be beautifully painted and all puppet will be latex with super sculpy hollow heads. I am extremely excited about starting the creating process, although the sculpts for molding have all ready been started and the heads i will start in the next few days when the eye's arrive in the post.

On another note i am looking for a talented digital background artist to work with me on the film and maybe a future roll on creating follow on installments, if you or know anyone that is intrested please email me :)

I will keep you posted :)


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