Monday, 7 January 2013

New year Production update

Hay, hay, hay everyone. I do apologize about the time gap between posts but my schedule is just crazy :) but things are back on track now so let me just update you with whats been going on.

First off BAD EDIT,

back in November we rented space in the bad edit studio to build a Latex oven and molds for the  ERTHWURLD animation project.

measuring the latex oven

building a latex oven because industrial ones are silly expensive

frame work looking nice

adding the industrial insulation

inner shell completed

As the oven went through construction stages, i worked on creating molds for the puppets, below are a few pictures of the process.

I am creating a 2 part plaster mold for the latex.

creating the re-sculpts for Tizzie and Lou.

this is the sculpt for Tizzie's body her head will be made from other materials due to lip sync.

placed on-top of a thick layer of clay.

then the rough shape is dug out for her to fit into

side angle

the sculpt is then placed into the clay hole.

then clay is sculpted up to the puppets edge creating a seal, only half the puppet in the clay and half out to create the 2 sides of the mold.

this is the wood structure to hold the plaster as we pour it in on top of the clay.

top view,  i have covered the puppet and clay with soap.. this will stop the plaster sticking to the puppet and clay.

after the plaster has been poured into the mold, in the corners you can see clay were i have used it to seal the structure.

2 days later. structure removed

this is the mold upside down with the clay removed, first half of the mold completed

side view.

now we just repeate the process with the plaster... not forgetting to cover it in soap because the mold will not come apart if we forget to do it .

plaster stage

2 days later again. just to give the plaster time to dry..(structure removed)

all the clay removed, now we leave it to dry for a week in a drying room .      foam latex at its best, no cheap imitations
my full latex making kit for getting the mixture exactly right

the latex over 80% complete all powered by a 1500 watt hot plate

 a nice size to make sure the mold fit inside
3 weeks later the mold dried, and was able to pull apart with ease (never force a mold apart)

all clean and ready for the latex, this part will come over the next few weeks after all the molds are done. i want to do the latex over two days so i will have to wait a while for that part.

we have recently moved out of the BAD EDIT studio and back at home working for the time being.
Here are a few images from the very talent Lauren Dorling, for the back ground images for ERTHWURLD, none of them are complete just yet but you can see the direction we are heading in.

some really beautiful work, well that's all for now but work continues below are some useful links to people involved who you might be interested in looking into.. any questions please email me il keep posting as we progress its going to be a very creative 2013.


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