Sunday, 5 February 2012

production so far

here are a few pic from the studio were the sets are going up

also some pics of the tripod construction (below)
 the bock of wood for the start of the tripod hood

here is the shape all sanded and ready for the vac-

sawed in half

vac-formed and cut out

scored for the pieces to be removed, but here comes the trail and error i wanted. the two half's would not go back together and removing the sections became impossible to do.

idea no.2

a coke bottle

start of the sculpt for the legs

wood shape to bend the plastic around    

plastic heated then pushed around the wooden shape

glued together

building up the super sculpy to create the bottom section of the tripod

here is the coke bottle now spray painted with the section removed, here i have  added milliput and small red lights

inside veiw

grain of rice green lights

the base for the legs to be attached

me at home working hard on the tripod

starting to take shape

the tripod leg being sculpted

here is the bottom section a bit more sculpted
here is the same picture but upside down to show you what its going to look like at the end as this goes underneath the tripod like this


looking amazing mate i cant wate till i get to animate with them!! :D

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