Sunday, 5 February 2012

TRIPODS and Woking, surrey

Ok i have been researching into Woking in surrey, and to be very honest i did not know that Horsell common was a real place (silly me) a fan of war of the worlds since i was 4 years old and i had zero clue. anyway i found a very nice painting of an old church that was once there in the 1800's, (below)

for some reason this really stands out to me, i can just imagine a tripod rising from behind it and standing tall at the center of the township in 1895. i spent at long time just sitting and staring at this painting and trying to get a grip on what thie animation will look like. i want to involve the landing and first encounter with the martians and the township so at this moment in time this will be the main set i create and start the animation from. the martians cylinder will crash into the back of the church so that the tripods can rise from behind it. from this i went on and did some designs for the tripods. (below)

as you can see from the picture the tripod standing tall behind the church really could create an amazing photographic image especially for my portfolio and that's what this is all about for me, not just another short animation film but a very strong piece of work for my portfolio and show reel. i really want to create something beautiful and terrifying at the same time. with these tripods in mind they would be very slow movements and the animation from the would be limited so i decided to create two types...

these are the core pods, they will appear first from the martian cylinder (which i will explain). in the book and Jeff Wayne's version of war of the worlds they both state that "chunks of metal appear and start bashing people against trees, just shinny chunks of metal but they exactly what they are doing" so these core pods are my own design of that paragraph.


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