Sunday, 5 February 2012

presentation and meetings

well it finally came around, my presentation with the second years. i had to show my work off and get my idea of SURGE across to them as i need a lot of help to create this animation such as 2D animators, CGI and compositors and this will come from the 2nd year animators. so i did my presentation (below) and gain a lot of interest from the second years who i told to come back later that day to discuss involvement.

(getting set up)

one of my main concerns with this production is the people in the township of woking, i cannot create that many puppets in the amount of time i have so my idea is to do them in 2D, but to give this task of drawing lots and lots of people running and screaming to a second year who is only giving me 25 hours of there time is just wrong and inappropriate. so i had a think and in my presentation i discussed the work of one of  my favorite artist William Kentridge, as his style is very charcoal and fast (examples below)

 with this effect i was hoping to create the people with very quick charcoal silhouettes and use a lot of loops, i spoke to  a few 2D animators to see if this was possible and there reaction was very positive, with 2 2D animators working on very short 1-2 seconds scene a time they said it should be fine.
 i sent up another meeting for week 2 for anyone who was still interested after seeing the other third year presentations.


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