Sunday, 19 February 2012

Main set production...

Its been a bit of a hard week with the main construction of the church set, lots of planning and measuring to make sure everything is to scale, i was hoping to have the main tripod built by now so i could use it for scale, but there was a bit of a problem with the mold drying (the dryer was switched off) and with Daryl off all week ill i have had to wait for the latex part. anyway after a massive clean up of the over messy studio (G-13) the church set has started to take shape...

a nice blank set to start with, although i had to add another A1 sheet of wood to the front as the scale was off for the camera angles i wanted.

building up the foliage parts with foamboard and cardboard.

and sealing the midsections and edges with masking tape

adding two layers of paper Masha to the landscape

using the studio lights as heat lamps to force the paper Masha to dry faster, this makes the edges of the paper Masha to rise, creating a bowl structure

Shane smith helping me for a hour painting the set white and picking my brain about set construction for his collaboration brief .

all white now

a full day on Wednesday measuring the church maquette while ill, not a fun day but i had to get on with it.

the maquette construction

finished maquette, you can now see what i am sort of aiming for

the studio after i cleaned it

constructing the church from foamboard

Joel helping paint the set with acrylic and sugar (does not taste nice)

this is to give the path a nice texture for painting.

the church

the small gravestones

at this stage it looks like a primary school set but all will slot into place in time

here you can see the grain of the path  

so a good week finally on production even with illness, but next week see's the finished animatic (ready in time for rushes) and animatrion plus CGI test, more set construction and the building of the main tripod and core pods. a great week to look forward to


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