Thursday, 2 February 2012

final major project! (surge)

so here it is, it has finally come the final major project of my stop motion animation course at staffs university.
for my final production i have choose to do my own presentation of H.G.WELLS War of the worlds which i am calling SURGE. I have been a massive vivid fan of war of the worlds since i was about four years old so finally after all this time i get to direct my own image of this classic book.
because of the book is such a classic and perfect with out any alterations, i really want to stay away from bringing it up to date like the 2005 film by Spielberg.
Another reason for this production is in my second year of uni i created a set based of Jeff Waynes war of the worlds with amazing results, so i have decided my final film really needs to show off my set building skills.

so over Christmas i had a long think about how am i going to make this animation work because war of the worlds is a massive thing, how am i going to squeeze it into a 3-5 min animation...

                                                                               A TRAILER

yes a trailer based animation! which can just consist of rapid short shots and i  think  with a narration to help, it really could work.


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